What object is responsible for launch time initalization and transitions?



Every app needs at least One Window and One _____?



In Objective C, what happens when you send a message to a variable that is nil?

Nothing happens


Which of the follow statements is TRUE of the use of categories?

You can also use categories to split the implementation of a complex class across multiple source code files.


In Objective C, what class will allow you to use one or more blocks concurrently?



How can you temporarily disable layer actions in a Core Animation?

Using the CATransaction class


True or False: You can weak link to an entire framework?



Which of the following is true?

A class cannot be declared as abstract


What would be the localized resource name for French?




What are the two types of predicates?

Comparison and Compound predicates.


Which of the following lines of code will cause a run time crash?

NSArray *array = [NSArray arrayWithObject:nil];


What is the effect of using ‘weak’ in the following @property definition: @property (nonatomic,

weak) SomeClass *responder; ?

The responder object is not retained and the pointer is set to nil when the object is destroyed


In Core Data, what is the name of the object representation for the database schema?



What is the preferred way to store paths to files?



True or False: You can use %@ to specify a dynamic property in Objectve C.



True or False? An object with at least one owner can be destroyed.



What is a persistent object store?

It represents an external file of persisted data.


In Objective C, what class will allow you to use one or more blocks concurrently?



In Core Data, what is the object representation of a record called?



Which of the following statements is TRUE?

When using Grand Central Dispatch you can create as many serial dispatch queues as you want


This code doesnt do much, but which line will call the + (void)initialize method on the class SomeClass

1. – (void)doSomething

2. {

3. [SomeClass someClassMethod];

4. SomeClass *obj = [[SomeClass alloc] init];

5. NSString *descriptionString = [obj getNewString];

6. }

Answer: line 3


NSXMLParser is which kind of parser ?

SAX Parser


Which statement is NOT true of notifications?

Notifications must be registered on the App Delegate


In Objective C, which of the following is group of objects that can be visualized as a physical set of frames?

The stack


What protocol is used to create an action object?



What happens if you use fgets and do not give it a size smaller than the buffer?

It will overwrite the data past the size


What flag prevents the device from turning off wifi if your app is running?

Ul RequiresPersistentWiFi


In which scenario should you use an NSDictionary over an NSArray?

When item retrieval should be fast and in constant time


How can you make the following code display with rounded corners?

UIView *rectView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0,100, 100)];

rectView.backgroundColor = [UIColor


rectView.layer.cornerRadius = 8;

[self.view addSubview:rectView];

Answer: rectView.layer.masksToBounds = YES;


What is the minimum iOS version you can support and still have Automatic Reference Counting?

Answer: iOS 4


What is a SEL?

The C type of a message selector


In order to test your application in XCode, which testing frameworks are available?

OCMock, OCUnit, XCTest


Automatic migration between Core Data model versions is sufficient for many cases. Which one of the following cases would require additional migration code?

A relationship has changed from a ‘to-one’ to a ‘to-many’ relationship


What class supports the sharing of small amount of data as strings or dates to iCloud?



What structure can be used to define a portion of a series?



Which of the following code snippets would work for changing the position of a view?

CGPoint center = view.center; center.x = 0; center.y = 100; view.center = center;


Delegation is an object-oriented approach to:



Which of the following objects is considered “the managers in an application” by keeping the other objects in sync?

Controller objects


What is used to sort Core Data results?



Which instrument would be most suited to debug whether a view is drawn from cache or redrawn?

Core Animation


When do you use the “assign” value for a property?

For primitive values such as BOOLs or NSIntegers


True or False: A Collection View is another name for a tableView



What do you use to expose preferences for your app in the Settings section of the device?



What is a design pattern?

A template for a solution to a common problem faced by programmers


True or False: Loading resources lazily means you don’t load it until you need it



Which scenario will not result in NSOperation throwing an exceptions:

When the return value from a completion block is nil.


Which of the following holds data and knows nothing about the user interface?

Model objects


True or False: viewDidLoad comes afterviewDidAppear?



What function do you call to close the current view and go back to the root?



When adding objects to NSMutableDictionary, the key..

Must conform to the NSCopying protocol


Can two different applications have the same Identifier For Vendor (aka IDFV)?

Yes, because the vendor of the IDFV is defined by the first two parts of the reverse DNS formatted CFBundleldentifier


True or False: In Objective C, all instance methods are accessors.



What class can implement Document Objects?



True or False: You need to call retain on ARC enabled properties



What data type do you initialize if you want a list of items that can change?



In Objective C, when an application launches and runs the ‘main’ function, the frame for ‘main’ is put at the_______of the stack.



What is Class Extension?

A class extension is used to declare additional interface — methods and properties — whose implementation contract will be met within the class’s primary ©implementaiton


If you use threading, on which thread should Ul Transitions be called?

The main thread


What is the function in Objective C that determines what is in the cells of a tableView?



What is a category?

A category is a way to add methods to a class which already exists


What do you do when you don’t need a reference on a object ?

[obj release];


Is it possible to make a full application without using Interface Builder?

Yes, on any platform


What structure can hold an x and y coordinate that defines a location?



Which one of the following is true?

You can modify Core Animation layers on a background thread


When using ARC, how do you destroy an object in Objective C?

Set the variable that points at it to nil


An indexPath has a Section and a___

Row or item


How would you add a property to an Objective C Category?

Add an associated reference to the category


Which of the following objects is visible to the user?

View objects


What data object can store a timestamp the best?



What’s the difference between a frame and bounds?

Bounds origin is always (0, 0), a frame origin is relative to his container view


What file contains configuration data for the app?



Methods and instance variables are declared in the_____file, but the actual code for the methods is placed in the______file.

header, implementation


What data type do you initialize if you want a string that can change?



The archive that holds the saved create and configure view objects is known as:



If an asset is for iPad only, how do you specify it in the file name?



Which of the following symbols do you prefix a character string with when you want a hard coded string?

Answer: @


True or False: Weak linking is supported in GCC version 2.95?



ARC Stands for:

Automatic Reference Counting


What’s the difference between NSArray and NSMutableArray?

NSArray’s contents can not be modified once it’s been created whereas a NSMutableArray can be modified as needed


What is a delegate?

A delegate allows one NSObject to send messages to another NSObject, and listen to those messages


How do you reference your app bundle?

[NSBundle mainBundle]


What is @2x used for?

Retina Assets


What function is called for each cell in a Table View?



Which of the following keyboard shortcuts will run your app on the simulator?



What is the name of the type of SQL Database that iOS Supports?


iOS Technical Test Questions and Answers

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