OpenCart native iOS application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This app uses OpenCart Rest API plugin v.2.0. The app works with OpenCart store via third-party REST API plugin. So, you will need to configure your store website with that plugin.

App is now supports next features:
  • Categories & Products lists
  • Product’s detailed info
  • Product photo gallery
  • Product options selection
  • Adding product with selected options to cart
  • Guest-checkout (without registration)
  • Showcase banner on first level category
All orders goes directly to OpenCart database.
This project no longer supported. Source code is now open and available at GitHub

What you will need also to start using this code?

  • You will need to purchase Opencart API plugin for your website. It’s available on

What you can do with code?

  • Code available under GPL v3.0 license